Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Community Feedback on Proposed Construction of Walgreens on Jamestown Road

This blog has been created as a format for public comment on the proposed construction of a Walgreen's Pharmacy and a second structure (possibly a bank) on the current site of the Lamplighter Shoppe and Cherry Realty on Jamestown Road opposite Colony Square Shopping Center. There will also be a stoplight installed at the entrance to Walgreens and Colony Square. (Please see the site plan below on this blog for more information.)

We hope to collect community feedback on this blog to share with the Jame City County Planning Commission and the James City County Board of Supervisors.

With this proposed plan, there are several major concerns that we would like community feedback.
1) Traffic Impact -Traffic on Jamestown Road is "at or near capacity" described by a county-hired consultant in a recent report.
2)Environmental Impact-Altering the landscape will increase the likelihood of flooding at James Square and St. Martin's Episcopal Church.
3)Lighting and Noise-The construction of a bank with a drive-thru automatic teller machine, will increase the light adjacent to homeowners throughout the night and with 24 hour car traffic. Because of security of these drive-thrus, very little buffering can be done with trees and bushes.
4)Community Character Corridor- Jamestown Road was established as a community character corridor which "defines the character of an area and warrants a high level of protection." How do we maintain this historic route?

Please add your comments and feedback on this proposed construction on Jamestown Road

Tab Broyles